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Bulldog Skincare for Men

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Meet The Bulldog The idea for Bulldog was born in 2005 when founder, Simon Duffy, was picking up products for his girlfriend. He noticed that there were no straightforward skincare options for men who wanted products packed with natural ingredients. After two years of painstaking product research, design and development, Bulldog made its debut on the shelves of a leading British retailer. Men were quick to embrace this new breed of skincare product, and demand for them grew rapidly. Three years later we started to sell Bulldog overseas, first in Scandinavia and then the US. The award winning products are now available throughout the world and Simon's girlfriend has become his wife. Reclaim The Bathroom It’s fair to say that we aren’t impressed by the big players in the male skincare market. For starters, why do most of these products look and feel the same? It sometimes seems impossible to pick a product out of the endless sea of blues, blacks and greys. Can it be that most skincare products for men are just women’s brands in disguise? You can’t fool us by simply changing the label. Bulldog products have been specifically designed and formulated by men for men. Let's Face It We think that life’s too short to spend hours caring for your skin. That’s why we’ve designed a straightforward set of products that can form the core of every man’s bathroom routine. Too often, skincare seems to be about bamboozling people. Complicated language and mystifying claims adorn even the cheapest products. What is an Alpha Hydrating MMX Hydra-Solution anyway? What does it all mean? Bulldog is no nonsense, talking to men in the same way that men talk to each other.

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