Super 4 Lotto


Huge thanks to the people who have already signed up, fantastic response rate and the prize fund is building nicely!

We have now set the start date for the first ever lotto draw as FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH at 6.30PM. All future draws will then be every Friday at 6.30pm. The draw will be live in the club and also live on our Youtube channel 📺 Make sure to subscribe now so you don't miss any in the future.

You can now pay via Paypal and standing order! As well as cash at the bar and bank transfer

1. To sign up and choose your numbers, simply fill in this quick form and then choose one of the payment options below

2. Payment options. Standing Order, Paypal, Cash and Bank Transfer.

* To use standing order, you can use your online banking to set it up easily in your standing order section. Options for standing order are £1 per week, £2 per fortnight, £25 for 6 months and £50 for the whole year. Your online banking will allow you to choose the frequency and payment.

Old Penarthians RFC
Sort code : 30-96-52
Acc. No: 07168488

* To use Paypal, simply log in to your paypal account and pay Please use the friends and family option to pay when asked so we don't incur a fee. Options for Paypal are £10 for 10 weeks, £25 for 6 months and £50 for the whole year.

* Paying by cash will available at the bar as of September 4th, 2020. There will be an envelope for you to put your name, email, phone number and lottery numbers on, pop your money in the sealed envelope and put it in the locked box! Nice and easy!

* To pay by one off bank transfer, simply use your online banking to transfer funds to our account with your name as a reference. Options for Bank Transfer are £10 for 10 weeks, £25 for 6 months and £50 for the whole year.

Old Penarthians RFC
Sort code : 30-96-52
Acc. No: 07168488
(Just add your name as your reference with payment)


Prizes will vary depending on how long the draw is rolled over before we have a winner and how many are entered.  50% of all money taken will go directly back into the prize fund and 50% will go directly to developing the club. To give you some idea we have seen other local sports clubs giving out prizes that range between £1,000 and £30,000!


Really easy this one! If all four of your numbers are drawn that week, you win the prize fund! If no-one wins that week, then the money will be rolled over every week until we have a winner!

In case of more than one winner in a single week, the prize will be shared equally. We will advise you as soon as possible if your numbers are identical to another player so you have an opportunity to change them if you wish, or you can keep them of course, but obviously your prize will always be shared!