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Storm Corporate Security

Sponsor Description:

Storm Corporate Security are here to cater for the security needs of all businesses. Whether your company is a small shop, or a multinational organisation we are able to meet your individual requirements.Our management team has over 18 years’ experience at looking after all forms of commercial, retail and personal body-guarding and security needs. We specialise in manned guarding, escorting goods and people in transit, close protection and installation of CCTV systems

Sponsor Services:

Our security company focuses on insuring we do not diversify from the true meaning of the word. The word security, meaning freedom from danger, freedom from care, anxiety or doubt. Something that secures, makes safe protects and defends. Security is about taking precautions to guard against crime, attack, sabotage or espionage. All companies recognise the need for Security – security for their personnel, goods and information. The problems companies encounter is the lack of knowledge, understanding and expertise in the field, and that is why we can help. Storm Corporate Security, although a newly formed company, has over 20 years experience in all forms of security. Our CEO has long realised that honesty, integrity, the personal touch along with professionalism is essential in security, but lacking within the Industry. After 20 years of Close protection, manned guarding, dog handling, escorting values in transit and working for the “big boys” he believed he could do better. Our family run business aims to fill those gaps in the market. We focus on providing the best guards to do the job. Our business is about service and people and we do not erode that focus by dabbling into new technical systems and attempting to build Robocop

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