09 December 2020 / Club News

Gymnasium Refurbishment due to start

Your committee has recently decided that it is time to undertake a refurbishment of the gymnasium and this message is issued to advise you that the work is due to commence on Monday 14th December 2020. The work will not be complete until the early part of January so until this time all access to the area will be controlled by the appointed contractor.  He will be placing his own locks on the gymnasium doors to ensure the security of his works and to minimise the risk to members inadvertently entering the area.

During the currency of the work the squash courts will still be operational, in accordance with government and established club protocols, but those members using the facilities are advised that the access door from the patio is also the contractors entrance and due care should be taken when entering and leaving the building.

The refurbishment work will include:

  • Cleaning all surfaces and preparation for painting of the walls and woodwork
  • Removal of the radiators
  • Replacement of the existing windows
  • Installation of a new frame and door to enclose the existing steel door (that will remain in place)
  • Repair of the floor and preparation for a non-slip paint covering
  • Relocation of the weightlifting frames
  • Reinstatement of mats used for the use and storage of the loose weights

In addition, the outside steel container, that has recently been provided with lights and an internal steel storage framework by Dave Chandler of Blues Electrical Ltd, will have the fit-out completed in order to store M&J age group equipment, post pads, pitch side flag posts and tackle pads.

At the present time it is not the intention to provide an extensive range of new equipment in the gymnasium but measures will be taken to maintain and upgrade the existing equipment.

A further message will be issued when the refurbishment is complete but in the meantime your cooperation would be appreciated to ensure that the contractor can complete his work safely to provide an environment that will enhance the facilities that the Club has to offer.

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