30 September 2020 / Club News

Coaching and Volunteering awards - September 2020

We have had some very challenging times recently with the pandemic, that is for certain! One thing it has allowed me to do though, that I otherwise may not have had a chance to do so early, is get to know our coaches and volunteers better. I have been absolutely blown away by them, too. Not just in a coaching capacity but the many hidden skills that have been up to now untapped! 

I wanted to come up with a way of showcasing to the Penarth community the amazing work they do behind closed doors that perhaps parents and members of the club don't get to see. We have now officially launched a 'Coach / Volunteer of the month' award that recognises service to the club, community and players. This will be followed by an annual awards and a hall of fame award too, for past or present members. 

This months award was chosen because of truly outstanding work by the winner but future awards will be nominated by the community, coaches, members and anyone that wants to message me with a reason why they should win! Getting a full inbox of positive stories about our team will be a very good feeling so please let me have them!

Before I officially announce the winner this month, I wanted to give a special mention to a few people that have honestly blown my mind with their forward thinking and dedication to making the club a better place to play. 

Clare Southard, an absolute rock of the womens team, player and off the pitch, always on hand to help out and has done an amazing job. I hope Clare accepts my offer to help progress the club further.

Dan Connor, who put together a lengthy kit proposal idea in his spare time which I think is fantastic and I am anticipating will be put in place in the future to make life easier for club and increase inclusion. Thanks also to Pete Bennett for his advice on the kit situation. 

Bryn Llewellyn, absolute star, always on the phone with ideas, always offfering his support and goes the extra mile for his team on a regular basis. 

Jonathan Vaughan, does so much behind the scenes for the club, came up with idea to get first team players involved with M&J teams which has resulted in seven players stepping up and that will go ahead in the near future. 

Rebecca Pullen and Chloe Thomas, two players from the women's team who will the first from that team to make the conversion to officially coaching! We hope more will follow! 

The U15, U16, U17 coaches that are blazing the way forward, together, to make sure we have a Youth team in the future years! 

This month's winner though is someone who has kickstarted some fantastic ideas that I truly think will shape the future of the club. He is the brain child behind the steering group which I am incredibly excited about (and is absolutely full of talented people now!) and has also contributed greatly to the content for it. Not only has he donated his personal time to meeting me on and offline, but he has also introduced some great people to the group. A wealth of untapped knowledge, (now tapped) full of ideas and a very good guy to boot. 

September's winner is Adam Palfrey, Old Pens U9's. 

Thank you Adam, a small gift to show our thanks is on it's way to you and I look forward to working with you!

Keri Lovell

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